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 What is my profile access to the current application? (windows button > about)
When you have an application open, simply click the windows button at the top left hand corner of the screen and select the ‘About’ menu option. This screen displays all the information regarding the application you are currently using including your Profile ID and Access Level.
 What is the current SOH for item X?
The quickest way to see the stock on hand for a specific item is by using the Stock Enquiry application. This can be found in the ‘Warehousing module > Enquiries > Stock Enquiries’. The Balances tab will display information such as minimum level, maximum level and current stock on hand.
 How to set up a default store?
Setting up a default store can save time by completing the store fields automatically. To set up a default store, press the windows button at the top left side of the screen and select ‘My Settings’ from the drop-down list. Select the Default Stock Store and the Default Non-Stock Store using the drop-down arrow. Click on the ‘OK’ button to save your changes.
 How do I set my pin code?
To set your pin code, open the ‘Set Pin’ application found under ‘System Management > User Administration > Set Pin’. In this application, you can select to either change your pin, reset your pin or test your pin. If you reset your pin your new pin will be sent to the email address on the system.
 What is the status of my e-Requisition?
The ‘e-Requisition Enquiry’ application, found under ‘Workflow/e-Reqs > e-Requisition Enquiry’, allows you to enter the requisition number you wish to enquire about and see where in the Workflow process it is at that moment. It can have various statuses such as awaiting approval, cancelled, approved and became an order, etc. To view the status of an e-Requisition of which you are the originator, simply open the ‘Capture e-Requisitions’ application, found under ‘Workflow/e-Reqs > Capture e-Requisition’. The Pending Requisitions tab will be displayed when the application is opened. This tab has various information columns including a status column.
 How are special items set up?
It could be helpful to set up special items which can only be issued by a safety officer. To set up special items, open the ‘Free Issue Maintenance’ application. Create a new PPE Group and name it Special Items. Link all the specific items you wish to sort as special items to this group. Note that the new group should not be linked to any employee occupation as it would then reflect as selectable to all linked. When a Safety Officer issues PPE to a contractor or visitor, they will be able to see the newly linked ‘Special Items’ when selecting the linked category.
 Which PPE items am I entitled to?
Your current occupation’s health and safety regulations will determine which PPE items you should wear for protection. These guidelines will also indicate the frequency of when you are entitled to receive PPE. Both the ppe2go kiosk screen as well as the desktop PPE Capture screen will identify the correct PPE items for your occupation and only allow you to request those items identified.
 When can I request another PPE item?
The ppe2go Enquiry screen will indicate when you are due to replace your PPE items. Each PPE item’s replacement date can be different and if you need to replace an item before it is due then your request will route to a supervisor for review and approval. Once approved, you can print your PPE voucher and collect your replacement at the store.
 Can the ppe2go system be linked to my current stores management software?
Yes, we provide standard interface platforms, including a Web API or alternatively a SQL-SQL intermediary database, for third party data integration.