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is application software that allows companies to easily manage and control the issuing of safety equipment, complying with industry statutory requirements, as well as company regulations. It is the solution to the management challenges that many industries and companies face with the distribution of personal protective equipment (PPE). This results in better control over fast moving stock items, money savings, and the maintaining of auditable records of PPE issues.

PPE entitlements (code of practice) can be setup on various levels which range from a high level occupations structure, down to a detailed group-to-item link which is stored in a relational database design for guaranteed data integrity. A generic enquiry tool provides historical transactional views as well as a comprehensive list of reporting options.

not only maintains detailed records by individual but also provides peace of mind by ensuring your code of practice is adhered to. Any exception to COP is escalated to a supervisor or safety officer for approval.

The COP functionality complies with DMR legislation requirements to cater for women in the mining sector. Both the employee as well as the PPE stock item gender indicators are available throughout , from raising a requisition to approvals and also when issuing goods over the counter.

The unit is a standalone self-service kiosk where individuals can inquire or request their own personal protective equipment (PPE) for their working environment.


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Features & Benefits

 PPE Entitlement Control
Helps to control stock levels and costs
 Issue PPE to employees, contractors and visitors
Allows safety equipment to be issued to anyone who comes on site
 Comprehensive reporting library
Ensures that you have the information you need at your fingertips
 Online Transactions
Allows for transaction processing from various sources. From the robust kiosk to an office-based administration building
 Auto verification against code of practice
Various options are available to suit clients' business processes
 Fulfilling statutory requirements of PPE
Assists with legal and reporting purposes
 Vending Machine
A vending option is available, linked to the Kiosk, and fully congruent with the functionality and controls.
Standard interface to your HR/T&A and ERP systems
 Barcoded issue voucher
A barcoded voucher, similar to a till slip, will be printed which the employee can take to his nearest PPE store to collect his items.
 Biometric authentication
Ensures accurate user identification.
 Self-service kiosk
Reduced risk of human error and incorrect issuing.
 Electronic approvals
Greener footprint
 Comprehensive inventory management
Cost saving

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