According to TRP, the top reasons to implement are:

TRP’s Financial Leader believes that the following factors are reasons why an organisation should implement : the system can be used as an audit tool to help companies adhere to legislation, employers can align their procedures with the system so that the correct allocation per group can be maintained and controlled, and a climate is created where PPE is given to the right person after he has been personally identified. According to Morne, the top benefits that provides to TRP are: a complete history and detail regarding usage as well as information on input trends that help to take action. In his opinion, the fact that PPE can be given to a person who provides a unique identification in a controlled environment, according to the company’s SOPs (safety procedures), makes a unique management system.

According to a Cost Accountant from TRP, the top three reasons motivating a company to implement would be ease of use, accountability provided of supervisors, and the information that is provided by the system- it allows users to check lifespans of PPE items and investigate premature failures. The benefits provided to TRP, in his opinion, are an initial cost reduction, less administration required as the entire system is automated and therefore also reduces the paperwork involved, and the record keeping functionality provided by the system. He stated that ’s ease of use, robust feature and integration with DeltaERP makes it unique.